Our highest task must be to form free human beings who are capable of finding purpose and direction in their lives for themselves.

This was the premise that 25 years ago brought together an enthusiastic group of families and educators to form a Waldorf Kindergarten that could provide an integral education, based on a deep understanding of the human being according to Anthroposophy.

Knowing the importance of the first years for future development and recognizing the first septenium as a key point for the entire constitution of the future path.

Understanding the importance of self-initiated play and movement as essential spheres for this phase, the environments and experiences provided bring the child the necessary possibilities to, by himself, gain self-knowledge... of his doing, his feeling and his your thinking.

Recognizing that the entire physical and mental environment permeates the development of the human being, the adults who involve him bring, through example, gratitude and veneration with the respect and confidence necessary for the child to surrender fully to his innate impulses.

Imitation, Play, Movement, Rhythm are the paths that the child takes daily first with himself and then with others. In an environment that is as familiar as possible, adults with a loving gaze care for and support what appears as a germ in every human being so that limitations are overcome with joy.

We, as educators, have the task of placing ourselves respectfully before the child's individuality, providing him with the possibilities of following his own evolutionary laws.