There is basically no type of education, on any level that is not auto-education (…) All education is auto-education and we, as teachers and educators, are, in reality, just involved in the child’s auto-education of themselves.
GA 306, Rudolf Steiner

The pedagogic council is made up of the elements which are part of the day to day operations of the Kindergarten and elements which are in direct contact with the children and their families.  In the Waldorf Kindergarten perspective every adult who is with a child is an educator and a caretaker of the child’s space and experiences.  In this way the work of the team is a fundamental part of the environment provided for the children.  The classroom teams are like a close family where both adults share in a weekly meeting of preparation and reflection, and both have a conscious and intentional part in the pedagogy of the Kindergarten.  The pedagogic team is made up of all the team members who are directly connected to the daily activities of the child, and the team meets weekly to share, reflect and conduct in-depth study.

These meetings have two distinct parts:

  1. Study and observation of the child;
  2. Organization, reflection and planning.

At the end of each season and term of the year there are moments of reflection on the wider themes and on proposals for the future.